uunix & Apple©

Unleash the power of the world's best kept secret!

OS X server© is cheap yet comes packed with everything a small business needs with un-limited, yes, un-limited user client licenses model. Once purchased, at an incredibly low price of £19.99 OS X server© you get:
  • Mail server
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts
  • Directory Services
  • Wiki Server
  • Time Machine Backup
  • File Sharing
  • Plus much more.
Administration is easy, it easily integrates into a Microsoft Windows© environment (Clients or Server) and because it's based on UNIX, it's stability is rock solid.
Ideal for Small Businesses, seems like a dream? So what's the catch?
Well, you need Apple's© hardware, Cost of support is normally higher due to the skill set required for problem solving. At uunix though, we don't charge more for apple support, nor for server install.
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